Course Description

This course introduces World Wide Web as a fundamental information and application platform for today's information systems. Students will examine core aspects of web technologies and web applications, and will develop usable websites and applications. Independent research on a web related topic is also required.

This course is part of the MSIT foundation courses that aim to provide a quick coverage of fundamental IT knowledge that is needed for later MSIT studies.

Course objectives/learning outcomes

  1. Explain different components and technologies of World Wide Web as a platform.
  2. Design and develop websites using fundamental web languages, technologies, and tools.
  3. Distinguish between server-side and client-side web technologies.
  4. Analyze user experience and usability issues related to web sites.
  5. Describe various web technology and application development issues and trends.
  6. Conduct independent research on a subject related to the course material.

Course features

  1. Follow a project based approach. The web development project is driven by three milestones.
  2. Deploy web sites/apps on a public cloud service provider (Azure).
  3. Allow students to explore their own interests and learn from the unique experience though a research paper.