Web Development Project

The individual project is the foundation of our project based learning approach used in this class. The project is about a semi realistic website of Center for Applied Research in Information Technology (CARIT). It will be completed in three cumulative milestones corresponding to the class schedule.

Web Hosting

Each student will have a live web site hosted by a commercial hosting service. Microsoft Azure is chosen for the course. A list of student web sites are presented on this page. All assignments and other applications need to be hosted on the site.

Selected Student Websites



Research Paper

In this project, each student group will collaborate on producing a research paper focusing a particular Web related concept, technology, or application. One of the major outcomes of this course is to develop a topic research paper through investigations done by students themselves. This project is designed to guide students to have a more solid and deeper understanding of the field of web technologies and applications. As a graduate student, the skills of research and writing demonstrate higher level of critical thinking and the ability to synthesize and integrate knowledge. It greatly helps student to establish a mature process when examining an emerging or an unfamiliar issue in depth.

This research focus more on the literature research part, which is usually the first part of a research work. It emphasizes what has been done in the field, with some kind of synthesis and analysis like comparison, categorization, theoretical assessment, etc. This is an important phase to discover research opportunity and identify research values and contribution.